Terms & Conditions

Within these booking Terms and Conditions ‘The Hirer’ means the leading person in your party. ‘The Company’ means ‘CAT Leisure Group Limited trading as Drift Away’ Please pay particular attention to our cancellation policy under clauses 5 & 6.

By making a payment to CAT Leisure Group Limited including any deposit or completing the handover of a CAT Leisure Group Limited vessel you are indicating that you have read and accept these terms and conditions.

1. Booking • A booking is confirmed when the deposit of 20% of the Hire Charge has been received and confirmation of the booking and a receipt has been issued by the Company. • The balance of the Hire Charge is payable 8 weeks before the holiday departure date. If the hire start date falls within 8 weeks of booking the full hire fee will be required to secure the required dates. • Failure to pay the remaining balance of the Hire Charge in full 8 weeks before the holiday departure date will result in that booking being cancelled with any monies being non-refundable. • A charge of £20 is made to each booking for each pet, we allow a maximum of 2 pets, the pets must be fully house-trained and must not be allowed on the furniture.

2. Security Deposits • Customers are required to provide a debit or credit card on the day of their departure and be pre-authorised for the company to charge the customer for any damages or repairs on a company vessel that are a result of the customers actions. The company will not place a charge on the customer’s card unless required to do so with regards to the above term but, reserve the right to charge up to £500 of damages without an insurance claim being made against the company’s insurance. • Security deposit charges will be charged on to the card the Hirer used to pay the hire fee with or used for the pre-authorisation on their day of departure at the Company’s sole discretion providing there is no damage to the company’s or other boats; the boat is returned on time, and in a clean and tidy manner, and there have been no reports received of the navigation rules being broken, or of antisocial behaviour, e.g. causing damage or harmful littering to canal or other properties. The company shall have the right to hold the card details securely for a period of 28 days from the return of the boat to check for damage. • The boat is insured but the Hirer is responsible for the first £500 of any claim against the company’s insurance and the company reserve the right to charge the first £500 of a claim against the card details the customer has given to the company for pre-authorisation. This cover does not include personal accident, Hirer’s personal belongings, or damage, e.g. resulting from speeding, locks and sills, or any malicious or deliberate act. The Hirer is responsible for any costs arising from such incidents. Hirer’s are responsible for their own personal holiday insurance.

3. Company Insurance and Liability * Whilst the Company provide insurance cover against loss of or damage to the boat and equipment, and against public liability claims, the Company reserves the right to charge the Hirer for malicious, negligent, or intentional damage. * The Company’s liability shall be limited to the hire charge. * The Company shall not be liable for any consequential losses, loss of profits or indirect losses. * Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall restrict the Company’s liability for death or personal injury.

4. Under the age of 21 years of age • The Company cannot accept a booking from any person less than 21 years of age i.e. the main hirer must be over 21 years. • The Company cannot accept a booking from any person if all the hirer and their guests are under 23 years of age and of the same sex e.g. a group of 3+ males under the age of 23, same rule applies to females. • Government issued picture identification such as passport or driving licence with name and address must be shown before the hire commences regardless of age.

5. Cancellation All booking deposits are non-returnable • Cancellations made less than 28 days before hire start date will incur payment of the full fee however, in the event of the Hirer having to cancel a booking every effort will be made to re-let whole or part of the period booked at the best possible price. • If we are successful in re-letting the boat at the booked rate the Hirer is then only charged 10% of the booked rate (plus the deposit). • If we are unsuccessful in re-letting the booking, or only obtain part of the booked rate, the Hirer remains responsible for the balance of the booked Hire Charge.

6. Cancellation & Holiday Insurance • The Company does not provide personal holiday insurance covering cancellation, injury, or loss or damage of personal effects. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT OUR CUSTOMERS OBTAIN THEIR OWN PERSONAL HOLIDAY AND CANCELLATION INSURANCE.

7. Commencement and Return of Boat Pick-up and return times are as stated in the Handover Booking Form. The Hirer is responsible for allowing sufficient time to return to the Uplands Marina at the agreed time. If the boat is not returned on time a charge of £50.00 per hour will be deducted from the security deposit. The boat must be left in a reasonably clean condition. If the boat is returned in a dirty condition the Company reserves the right to charge for any extra cleaning that is necessary.

8. Inventory and Equipment It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check the Inventory List (provided in the Handover Booklet) and report any missing or damaged items. The Hirer is responsible for returning the Inventory and Equipment in good condition. Any unreasonable damage will be charged for out of the security deposit.

9. Bicycles • The Hirer is welcome to bring bicycles which are the responsibility of the Hirer. The Company is not liable for any damage or loss. • The Hirer is responsible for providing their own security (e.g. locks). Bikes may be stored on the back deck. Any damage caused by bikes to either the boat or the canal and surroundings is the responsibility of the Hirer. • Bicycles are not to be taken into the boat.

10. Solid Fuel Stove • Use of the solid fuel stove is permitted. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to self or the boat through use of the stove. A fireguard is provided.

11. Delays • The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays or non-fulfilment of holiday schedules caused by breakdown, unforeseen defects, obstructions, repairs, or damage, to either the boat or the Inland Waterways system. However, the Company will make reasonable effort to assist in such cases. • The Company reserves the right to restrict the cruising area without notice if unusual conditions occur and will not normally make financial adjustment in such circumstances.

12. Waterways restrictions In the event of canal closure, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Company reserves the right to operate from suitable alternative bases without normally making any financial adjustment.

13. Ice and Adverse Weather Conditions If the canal freezes over and the boat can not be moved The Hirer will be offered: an alternative date for hire, the use of the boat as static hire (at the appropriate rate) or a full refund. If the boat is already out on hire and the canal starts to freeze, The Company has the right to call the boat back to it’s mooring at Uplands Marina or The Hirer must agree to take the boat to a place agreed by The Company. If the canal freezes over The Hirer must consult with The Company before they move the boat.

14. Wastage of Water The Hirer is responsible for any wastage of water or damage caused by negligent use of lock paddles or other property resulting in a claim by the Water Authorities.

15. Accidents The Hirer is held to be in complete charge at all times, and is responsible for the safe navigation of the boat. In the event of an accident the Hirer must notify the Company as quickly as possible with full details and names and addresses of witnesses. DO NOT PREJUDGE THE CASE BY ADMITTING LIABILITY.

16. Navigation Limitations • The Hirer must not navigate in the hours of darkness or in fog. • The Hirer must not tow other boats or enter river or tidal waters without consent of the Company. • The Hirer must not exceed the speed limit, attempt to overtake, or race the boat.

17. Car Parking The Company provide outdoor parking free of charge. The Company does not accept liability for any damage to or loss of vehicles or their contents.

18. Company Reservations • The Company reserves the right to refuse to hand over the boat to any person who in the Company’s opinion is not suitable to take charge. • In such circumstances the sum paid by the Hirer will be refunded in full and no further claim shall be made against the Company. • If the Company is unable to provide the boat booked owing to circumstances beyond our control, the Company will refund the sum paid by the Hirer and no further claim shall be made against the Company.

19. Online Brochure • The descriptions of the boat in the online brochure are to the best of our knowledge accurate but the Company will not be liable for any minor inaccuracy that may exist.

20. Boat Operation • The Hirer agrees to operate the boat in a safe manner following the instruction given to them by the Company, and to abide by the speed limit of 4mph. • The Hirer agrees that they will be liable for the cost of any repairs where damage to the boat or its engine has been caused by speeding. • The Hirer agrees that they will not operate or move the boat whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. • No person under the age of 21 years will operate the boat unless authorised by the Company and fully supervised by an adult.

21. Smoking Policy Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or on the boat.

22. Candles Policy Candles are not to be used on nor in the boat.

23. Electrical Appliances No appliances exceeding 250 watts are to be used on the boat. Any damage caused by the use of appliances exceeding 250 watts will be paid for by the Hirer.

24. Vinyl Lettering The Hirer is responsible for any damage done to the vinyl lettering on the side of the boat and will be charged for it’s replacement.